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December 27, 2009

  • Here are a couple of clips from Lee's appearance at the British Comedy Awards

    December 16, 2009

  • Here are some pictures from the British Comedy Awards. Lee presented Harry Hill with the British Comedy Entertainment Personality award. Lee also appeared at the after show party and sang Christmas wishes to everyone

    November 30, 2009

  • Lee and Faith will be heading to London for the British Comedy Awards on December 12th. Lee will be presenting an award on the show.

  • They also had a fun time last night at the Hollywood Christmas Parade. Below are some pictures and a link to a local Los Angeles tv station which did a report on the parade. Don't forget the whole parade will be aired December 10th on My TV Network.

    November 28, 2009

  • Lee and Faith get in the Holiday spirit.

    Lee and Faith will be attending the Hollywood Christmas Parade Sunday November 29th. This parade has been a tradition in Hollywood since 1928 and will be broadcast this year nationwide on My TV Network December 10th and 24th. Click on the link below for details of the parade and what station it will be broadcast in your area.

    November 4, 2009

  • This month is Lee and Faith's 7th Wedding Anniversary. Heres wishing them many more happy years together.

    October 30, 2009

  • I found an interesting little peace of trivia regarding the hit song "Midnight Train to Georgia".

    Late actress Farrah Fawcett inspired soul classic Midnight Train To Georgia. The tune, which was a huge hit for Gladys Knight & The Pips, was originally titled Midnight Plane to Houston until Whitney Houston's mum Cissy rejigged it.

    But songwriter Jim Weatherly insists the hit will always be dedicated to Fawcett and her former husband Lee Majors in his mind.

    Weatherly tells Nashville Story Source he wrote the song after chatting to his pal on the phone.

    He says, "She said she was packing her clothes and she was gonna go back and visit her folks and she was taking the midnight plane to Houston. When she said that a little bell went off in my head.

    "I actually used Farrah and Lee as kind of like the people in the song... It's just a simple little story about a girl that comes to L.A. to make it, becomes a star and everything, finds it too hard and goes back (home)."

    October 24, 2009

  • The quality isn't the greatest but it's the best I could do. Here is the bonus feature which Lee recorded for the Life on Mars DVD. Click hereto watch.

    October 3, 2009

    Some information about Lee filming Jerusalem Countdown in Manistee, MI

    Making movies in Manistee
    Community plays role in 10 West Studios films
    Patti Klevorn - News Editor

    News Editor

    MANISTEE While much of the rest of the community slept nights this week, a small army of cast and crew has been pulling all-nighters to create a good portion of 10 West Studios third film so far, turning Manistee into a backdrop for motion pictures.

    Renee Zwiefka didn t have a part in the film, but her two-story brick home at River and Cross streets sure did.

    She lives next door to the studios at Seng s Marina/Manistee Ironworks, and her home was used for the movie, transformed for a one-night shoot into a safe house for Lee Majors character Arlyn Rockwell, a double-agent trying to get out of the arms-deal business.

    All of the contents of her living room were stuffed into her bedroom to make way for production designer James R. Cunningham to create the look he needed, a dive used by a man on the lam. He shopped west Michigan thrift stores for set furniture.

    It was a great experience, Zwiefka said Thursday afternoon as her carpets were getting cleaned following the shooting, literally, as there was a gun battle that took place in the home.

    Zwiefka was glad to meet Majors, too.

    He was gracious and very friendly, she said.

    September 22, 2009

    Lee will be filming small parts in 2 faith based movies

  • Lee will play the part of Dr Miller in a faith based movie called John, the Revelator (working title) in Michigan. The story is about a mother who blames herself for the loss of her son in a fatal car accident. Her depression affects her marriage & life to breaking point when a 10 year old leukemia patient called John turns all their lives around. The movie stars Musetta Vander and is directed by David A White

  • The second movie is Jerusalem Countdown (working title) in which Lee plays Arlyn Rockwell.

    September 12, 2009

  • Lee talks music. He's a little bit country, and a little bit Colbie Caillat

    September 6, 2009

  • There is an interesting interview with Craig Nevius in Retroality Magazine. Craig was the co-producer of Chasing Farrah and of A Wing and a Prayer, which later became Farrah's Story. He has sued Ryan O'Neal and Alana Stewart for firing him from the project in April after Farrah could no longer represent herself due to her illness. The whole article is here .

    He was friends with both Lee and Farrah and was involved with them talking to each other for the first time in 23 years.

    Farrah is enigmatic to me in another way. On one hand, she was smart enough to keep the rights to her poster. And she never signed her Charlie s Angels contract; there were licensing issues there. On the other hand, it seemed at times like the men in her life controlled her. Her old manager, Jay Bernstein, said she left Angels because Lee wanted her home early enough every night to cook him

    I talked with Farrah about why she left Charlie s Angels. And all the stories are partially true.

    Yes, she left because of the contract dispute over licensing. And yes, she left because she was not feeling challenged by the role. She wanted the producers to show the Angels at home, in their private lives (and) what effect being a private detective had on their relationships. Yes, she was interested in doing movies but was more interested in good roles wherever they could be found.

    And finally, yes, Lee suggested that she use him as an excuse to try to cut down on the 17-hour workdays. After all, Lee was pretty much the biggest male television star in the world. The Six Million Dollar Man was his third hit series behind Big Valley and Owen Marshall and of course he would have a fourth hit later with The Fall Guy. I ve talked to Lee about it, too. I developed a project for him about three months before I met Farrah. We sold it to ABC. While the show was never made, Lee and I became friends.

    What did Farrah think about your friendship with her long-estranged bionic ex?

    That was the only lie I ever told Farrah. And it was a lie by omission.

    When we started working together on Chasing Farrah, I was afraid to tell her that I knew Lee. I wasn t sure how she would react because of how nasty the divorce was portrayed in the press. But finally, I told her.

    We were talking about how most guys of a certain age had her famous poster growing up. She referenced me as being of that certain age in the late 70s. I told her: Sorry. I didn t have it. I watched Charlie s Angels but my allowance went to buying something else I wanted more than the poster. She asked what that was and I told her it was the action figure of her ex-husband.

    She said, Oh, you were one of those kids who ran in slow motion on the playground? I told her I was. And then I told her I had a confession to make: that I had worked with her ex-husband and was friends with him. I held my breath as she stared at me, taking in what I had just told her. Then she said, You re friends with Lee . . . how is he? We haven t talked in years! She was delighted that I knew him and asked me to give him a message. Which I did. And he gave me a message to give back to her.

    So you were the Fawcett-Majors messenger?

    Yes. A few years later, when the National Enquirer announced to the world that Farrah had cancer, Lee was one of the first people to call me. He wanted to know if it was true. I told him it was. From that point on both Lee and his wife, Faith, always checked in to ask how Farrah was doing.

    This went on for a few years. Then, on February 2nd of this year, Lee asked me to tell Farrah Happy Birthday. I told him no, that he should call her himself. I think Lee was hesitant because it had been over 20 years since they had spoken. But he did call her and they had a great talk.

    Afterwards, Farrah called me and said, Guess who I just talked to? I said, Lee Majors. She said, How did you know? Then my other line beeped. It was Lee. He said, Okay, I called her! They were both very funny about it. And it was an unusual place for me to be, to have grown up watching both of their shows and now I had each of them on call waiting after they spoke to each other for the first time in two decades. But they were each glad they did it.

    Unfortunately, it would be the last time they would ever speak. Farrah left for Germany two weeks later, came home in a wheelchair and never recovered.

    July 25, 2009

  • Last Thursday Lee was on the Robert Conrad show on CRN Radio. You can go to CRN Talk and click on the archives and then the Robert Conrad Show and this weeks show. I'm going to get a copy of the show and I will put that up when I receive.

  • The movie version of The Big Valley now has an official web page .

    July 15, 2009

    'Big Valley' headed to the big screen

    Daniel Adams to adapt classic TV Western

    The 1960s television Western that starred Barbara Stanwyck is being adapted into an independent feature by Kate Edelman Johnson and Daniel Adams through their Panther Entertainment banner.

    Adams will direct the pic from his own script, whose storyline was developed with series creators Louis F. Edelman and A.I. Bezzerides. Plot borrows elements from the show s pilot and several episodes.

    Roles have not yet been cast.

    In the show, Stanwyck played the widowed matriarch of the wealthy Barkley family living in 19th-century Stockton, Calif.

    Series, which ran 1964-69 on ABC, also starred Richard Long, Peter Breck and Charles Briles, and launched the careers of Linda Evans and Lee Majors.

    Louis Edelman also created the shows Make Room for Daddy, Wyatt Earp and The Andy Griffith Show. Kate Edelman is his daughter.

    Adams has also helmed the pics The Golden Boys and Primary Motive. He is currently in post-production on The Lightkeepers, starring Richard Dreyfuss and Blythe Danner.

    Pre-production on The Big Valley is expected to begin in January, with filming to take place in April in Michigan and New Mexico.

    Financing is being provided by Brian and Ethan Gilmore of Capitoline Global Finance, Anthony Gudas of Tax Credit Finance and Scot Butcher.

    June 25, 2009

  • Lee has released a statement regarding the death of Farrah Fawcett today:

    Majors rep states, "My wife Faith and I were saddened by the news. She fought a tremendous battle against a terrible disease. She was an angel on earth and now an angel forever"

    June 9, 2009

  • The mock commercial that Lee recently did is very funny. It does have some strong language so if that offends you, please do not watch.

    June 8, 2009

  • Lee did a "mock" commercial for a friend and it will be up and running on Will Ferrell's website "Funny or Die" tomorrow, June 9th. The name of the commercial is Pet Hunt and does have some strong language in it.

  • Lee and Faith were kind enough to share some pictures from their recent trip to Maui for Lee's birthday.

  • On the way to Maui, Lee and Faith were met by some photographers at LAX from TMZ. They asked Lee if he watched Farrah's Story and Lee said he couldn't bring himself to watch it. There were some pretty nasty remarks about Lee not watching the program and Lee's words were twisted. Faith wanted to set the record straight and asked me to post a note from her.

    I was very upset to read some of the horrific comments about Lee and I out there on TMZ.

    First Lee did not watch the Farrah documentary because it is a VERY, VERY sad situation and Lee doesn't want to see anyone dying especially someone he was once with. You can't punish someone for that.

    Secondly Lee and I both have never said anything negative about Farrah, she has put up a tremendous fight against cancer and we certainly wish for the best in a miraculous turn around for her.

    We are always being asked if we've spoken to Farrah and the truth is no, Lee and Farrah were divorced almost 30 years ago and they both moved on with their lives, there is no ill will toward Farrah or Ryan it's what happens when two people grow apart and move on. (It's like asking Brad Pitt in 30 years if he's spoken to Jennifer Anniston)

    We wish Farrah all the best and how people can be so cruel towards Lee and I without even knowing us is beyond me.

    I just wanted to set the record straight since Lee's words were being twisted around by the media and bloggers.

    Thank you for your time and understanding in this matter.

    Best Regards,
    Faith Majors

    May 21, 2009

  • TMZ caught up with Lee at LAX and asked him about Farrah. You can watch the clip here TMZ . Lee said that he couldn't bring himself to watch Farrah's Story when it aired last week.

    May 14, 2009

  • The Farrah Fawcett documentary "Farrah's Story" will air Friday on NBC. This is a personally filmed story of Farrah's struggle with cancer over the last 2 years. It was filmed by her friend Alana Stewart and follows her over the last year with trips to Germany and back and follows her treatment.

    May 9, 2009

  • On May 5th Lee was interviewed on the radio show TV Confidential. They talked about the release of When I Find the Ocean and Lee's upcoming movie The Last Mission. As a nice surprise Charles Briles who played Eugene Barkley in the first season of The Big VAlley called in to surprise Lee. They haven't talked to each other since 1965 so it was a nice moment. You can listen to the interview at LA Confidential

    May 5, 2009

  • Lee has received the Birthday Book and sent a personal message of Thanks. Click here to read it.

  • The episode of According to Jim that Lee appears in has been changed to June 2nd

    April 23, 2009


    The birthday book project was sent to Lee and hopefully arrived before today. It turned out great and I am sure Lee will love it. Hopefully Lee's big 70th birthday will be special and hopefully we will be celebrating many more with you.

    April 7, 2009

  • Lee will be staring in and producing The Last Mission The Last Mission is a family feel good story about the forgotten heros of World War II. It is a character driven account of the aged survivors of a B-17 bomber crew reunited for one last mission by the impending death of their co-pilot. Lee is once again staring with Ernest Borgnine, George Lindsey Joe Estevez and Rance Howard. Also in the film are Conrad Bachmann, Mel Tillis, Kerry Wallum and Connie Nelson. The official site is now up so go check it out.

    April 5, 2009

  • Sorry I'm late with this information but sometimes life gets in the way. For all the Ben 10 fans, they are filming a new live action movie based on the cartoon, Ben 10: Alien Swarm. However they have recast all the actors from the 1st movie including Lee as Grandpa Max. Barry Corbin takes over the part of Grandpa Max, Ryan Kelly is Ben and Galadriel Stineman is Gwen. In this movie Ben is now 20 with a girlfriend. Not sure of why the cartoon network has decided to go this way and most of fans of Ben 10 are 6-12 year olds. It will be interesting to see how they like the new Ben 10.

    March 22, 2009

  • The final episode of According to Jim which Lee will once again appear as God is scheduled to air on May 26th. The episode is titled Heaven opposed to Hell.

    March 7, 2009

  • Here are a few pictures from the film discussion that Lee participated it at the George Lindsey Film Festival.

  • Here are a few articles from the film discussion with Lee and Rance Howard

    February 20, 2009

  • Lee will be in New York City next week to film a quick bonus section feature for the Life On Mars DVD set. I will post when I find out the date for the DVD release.

    February 18, 2009

  • Tonya Holly is hoping that Lee will appear in her new movie "The story of Bonnie and Clyde". She is involved in the George Lindsey Film Festival and had this to say when interviewed with the Florence Times Daily.

    February 14, 2009

    Happy Valentine's Day !!

  • Lee will be attending the George Lindsey Film Fest on March 6th and 7th.

    January 16, 2009

    Sorry for the delay but Happy New Year !!

    First some Bionic news

  • As announced at the Roma Film Festival last July, 3 seasons of both SMDM and The Bionic Woman are nw available on DVD in Italy. The Italian sets will include an English soundtrack. The 3rd and final season of The Bionic Woman will be released Jan 30th in Germany as well.

    Here are the Italian and German covers

    Here are the links to order the sets on line:

    Italian Six Million Dollar Man DVD
    Italian Bionic Woman DVD
    German Bionic Woman DVD

  • The Fall Guy Season 2 is now available in Germany

    You can go to order.

  • I haven't gotten definate word, but Lee may be at The Sundance Film Festival. There will be a "sneak preview teaser" of Spring Break '83 at a private party at Sundance on January 19th and an after party event will be at the Park City hot-spot Harry-0's with Camp Freddy headlining. Word has it that both John Goodman and Lee may be there to meet the press and fans. Here is the flyer for the event.If I receive any more information I will be sure to post.

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