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December 30, 2005

  • Some more information on When I Find the Ocean. For our friends in the UK, the Animal Planet UK will be airing a special that was filmed on the set. It will premiere December 31st and be shown other days as well. Hopefully it will be aired on the Animal Planet here in the US after March. For a schedule you can go to Animal Planet UK

    December 28, 2005

  • Some exciting news regarding When I Find the Ocean . I will keep you posted regarding any updated news

    December 26, 2005

  • Starting Jan 1, the Encore Western Channel will begin airing the Big Valley. They are starting with a 12 hour marathon, and then begin airing weekly.

    December 18, 2005

  • I wish you all a Very Happy Holiday Season and a Happy and Healthy New Year !!

  • I just saw in the IMDB that Faith has a part with Lee in the upcoming movie "TV:The Movie". A release date has not been set, but it should be in 2006 sometime

    October 26, 2005

  • It was announced today that Lee just finished filming a movie for the Sci Fi Channel called "Stan Lee's Lightspeed". Jason Connery, son of Sean Connery stars as Daniel Leight a government agent who discovers he has super powers after an accident. Lightspeed is based on a new character created by comics legend Stan Lee and directed by Don Fauntleroy No air date has been announced.

  • Added some screen grabs from Hell to Pay and The Taurus Stunt Award Show

    September 30, 2005

  • Lee was at the Taurus World Stunt Awards last Sunday. The awards will be aired on The E! Channel October 13th. For pictures of Lee at the show go to Wire Image and search for Lee. The pictures are only thumbnail size, but you will get the general idea.

    September 17, 2005

  • Strike the Tent has won yet another award at the Breckenridge Film Festival. This time it is Drama of the Year.

  • Strike the Tent is set to appear at 3 more festivals in the coming month. Please go the the Strike the Tent for a list of the upcoming festivals.

  • I just found out Lee recently completed another movie called Hell to Pay. This is an old time western, with many actors we all grew up watching. They are having a screening in Los Angeles on Monday Sept 19 at the Culver Studios in Culver City. You can go to Hell to Pay for more details. Right now the links on the site don't appear to be working but they are working on the problem. They will also be selling the DVD on the site so check it out.

    September 10, 2005

  • Strike the Tent won Best Foreign Film at the Naven Film Festival in Ireland. Once again Congratulations to everyone involved.

  • I recently learned that Lee and children made a cameo appearance on the 1991 tv show "P.S. I Luv U". I was able to get a copy and put some screen grabs up. It was a short appearance but cute with Lee teaching Nikki how to golf

    August 27, 2005

  • I was contacted by the Public Relations Department of Cypress Moon Productions and they are going to keep me notified of news on the movie When I Find the Ocean. I have posted their first message in the Updates section of the Oceans page.

  • Looks like Lee will not be attending Collectermania 8 in London at the end of September. No reason given, but they hope to work with Lee in the future.

    August 12, 2005

    Another Film Festival that Strike the Tent will be shown. The Breckenridge Film Festival in Breckenridge, CO will be held Sept 8 - 11. Good Luck

    August 10, 2005

  • The first season of The Six Million Dollar Man is finally being released on DVD September 26, 2005. However, only people with Region 2 players (Europe) or multi region dvd players will be able to watch it. For more details, go to the website. It is also interesting to note that Lee will be in the UK for the Collectormania show the same week as the dvd release, so who knows, he may pop up on some tv shows to publicize the release. So to all of our UK friends, keep your eyes open for any Lee sightings :-)

    July 29, 2005

  • I just located an interview with Lee done in April on the set of his new movie "When I Find the Ocean". It's a very interesting interview as Lee opens up about his career and people he has worked with over the years.
  • I also learned that Lee is now filmg another new movie, TV: The Movie. I don't have much info other then its written by the Mad TV folks, so it should be pretty crazy.
  • Strike the Tent won the Jury Award at the Long Island Film Festival. Congratulations to everybody involved with the Movie!

    July 18, 2005

  • Lees film Strike the Tent is now making the film festival circuit. It will be showing at the Long Island Film Festival July 15-21, 2005, the Naven Film Festival in Ireland August 10th and the Tahoe-Reno Film Festival August 24-28th.

    July 4, 2005

  • Happy 4th of July !!

  • According to our good friend John at Cyborg, The British Lee Majors Online Fan Club Lee will be going to England at the end of September to attend Collectormania8 . Their website has not been updated yet, but go on over to the site for all the details of the show. So all of our UK friends, go see Lee and say hi.

  • Also John attended a 30 mintue talk by Glen Larson who was creator of the Fall Guy and also worked with Lee on The Men from Shiloh and Six Million Dollar Man. He told a couple of Fall Guy stories and when he was asked about working with Lee so often, he said both were orginally contracted to Universal, and the head of the studio wanted a starring vehicle for Lee, which turned out to be the SMDM. Glen said he enjoyed working with Lee and a big screen version of the Fall Guy was definitely in the works, and he hoped Lee would have some kind of cameo role. However it sounds like they are waiting to see how the big screen versions of The Dukes of Hazard and Bewitched do before actually committing to the project.

    May 12, 2005

  • Lee is in Alabama filming a independent movie called When I Find the Ocean I will keep you posted as more details become available.

    April 28, 2005

  • Due to the Presidential news conference, the episode of Will and Grace in which Lee appears was not aired. It looks like NBC has rescheduled it for next Thursday May 5th. Lets keep our fingers crossed!

  • An Official site for Lee? A web designing company has posted they are working on an "official" site for Lee. A few years back another official site was being developed, but never came to be. Here is what they have posted, can't really see much but here is the basic form of the site. I will keep you posted of any future developements.

    March 22, 2005

  • Some Hot News!

    Lee will be appearing on NBC's Will & Grace
    This from Star Magazine 3/5/05

    Will & Grace is famous for its guest stars - remember Cher? - and STAR has learned exclusively that the NBC sitcom has just booked two more famed celebrities for an episode filming March 8. Titled "It's A Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World," the episode has Grace's (Debra Messing) often-mentioned-but-never-before-seen father, Marty, finally being revealed. He's played by veteran comic actor Alan Arkin. Marty arrives for an out-of-town visit and brings with him his best buddy Burt, played by Lee Majors! And just to complicate matters, Burt immediately takes a shine to wacky Karen (Megan Mullaly). The episode airs April 28.

    February 26, 2005

  • Looks like the reason that Lee couldn't make the Frank Sinatra Golf Tournament was he was on the O'Reilly Factor on The Fox News Channel Friday night. It was a wide ranging interview from his career to politics to his kids. It was a very interesting interview and Lee looked great and came off very well.

    February 19, 2005

  • When this site was started years ago we didn't know what to expect. I am thrilled that we have recieved over 200,000 hits on the site, unbelievable. I just wanted to say thank you to everybody who has stopped by and visited. Thank you also to everybody who has left a message, offered pictures to post and just encouraged me to keep the site running.
  • I just learned that Lee will not be attending the Frank Sinatra Golf Tournament next weekend. I just was told he couldn't make it this year, so I don't know the reason.

    January 7, 2005

  • Well it's been awhile since we've had any news to report. Since its the start of the New Year I thought I would mention the Frank Sinatra Celebrity Golf Tournament. Lee has appeared in this Palm Spring tournament many times and will participate once again this February. The 17th Annual Frank Sinatra Countrywide Celebrity Invitational will be held February 25th and 26th at the Indian Wells Country Club in Indian Wells, CA. This is the first year the tournament will be held at historic Indian Wells, so it should make it even all the more special. The tournament raises money for the Barbara Sinatra Children's Center at Eisenhower Mediacal Center in Palms Springs. Its a great cause and a great place to see Lee and many other celebrities. You can go to Sinatra Golf for more details.

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