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December 18, 2002

  • Lee is filming a new movie in Georgia titled Fate
  • Lee and Faith get married in Italy. Check out our Wedding Album

    November 12, 2002

    LOS ANGELES (Reuters)
    - For video game enthusiast Eric Fort, the most hotly anticipated game of the year is all about one thing: "freedom" -- freedom to carjack a police cruiser, run over pedestrians and shoot anything that moves.

    "I don't think there's anything out there like this," said Fort, 23, at an event to mark the launch of "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City," the follow-on to last year's chart-topping game, "Grand Theft Auto 3."

    Hundreds of video game fans, including Fort, turned out early Tuesday morning at an Electronics Boutique video game store outside Los Angeles for a first look at the criminal-adventure game, which features sunny beaches, scantily clad women, a 1980s soundtrack and edgy violence.

    "Vice City," published by the Rockstar Games imprint of Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. (NasdaqNM:TTWO - news), is widely expected to be the best-selling game of 2002 and possibly among the top sellers of all time.

    The game's controversial predecessor, released a year ago, established a formula that gamers loved and critics panned for its use of wild car chases and gratuitous violence.

    The earlier game also sold more than 7 million copies, grossing an estimated $350 million -- more than all but a handful of Hollywood hits.

    As a result, New York-based Take-Two has gone from the bottom of the industry to being the No. 3 independent publisher in just about a year. Its stock price has soared, rising 55 percent in 2002 to outpace industry rivals.

    "Vice City," set in a city modeled on Miami, features voice tracks from some known Hollywood talent, including Ray Liotta, Burt Reynolds, Lee Majors and Dennis Hopper. Porn star Jenna Jameson, former football player Lawrence Taylor and 1980s TV icon Philip Michael Thomas also turn up.

    "It has a completely different vibe than GTA 3 does," Rockstar spokesman Rob Fleischer told Reuters. "Vice City" is much larger than its predecessor, with a 1,000-page script and 90 minutes of video interspersed throughout the game.

    The Official site for the game is Vice City

    Oct 3, 2002

  • Some info on the long planned Six Million Dollar Movie

    NEW YORK (Variety) - Dimension Films has tapped tyro scribe Trevor Sands to pen its tentpole film "Six Billion Dollar Man" -- the updated version of the Lee Majors TV series "The Six Million Dollar Man."

    Dimension executives had been searching for a writer for some time. Sands came in for an informal meeting with such a strong pitch that he was asked to stay and immediately present it to Dimension co-chairman Bob Weinstein.

    Sands' deal includes first-look writing and directing terms for future projects as well.

    "This film has the potential to be a major franchise for us, and we wanted to find the best writer for the project, " said Weinstein. "Trevor's ideas are creative and original, and we're excited to develop the script with him."

    The film will be based on Martin Caidin's "Cyborg" novels, which were the basis for the Universal Television series "Six Million Dollar Man" in the 1970s. Universal has first dibs at co-financing the adaptation with Dimension.

    Sept 1, 2002

  • I just found out that Lee is once again filming a Joey Travolta film entilted "Saguaro Ranch Summer". Its being filmed in Prescott, AZ and the movie chronicles the adventures of two brothers attending summer camp, one as a camp counselor and one as a camper. Lee stars as the owner of the summer camp.

    August 24, 2002

  • Lee will be appearing in an episode of Son of the Beach on the FX Channel Sept 3. To find out more about this outragious comedy, you can check out its web site Son of the Beach

    August 7, 2002

  • Lee has been filming a new movie called Stike a Tent Don't know anything about the movie yet, but it looks like it could be a Western. As soon as I hear anything, you will be the first to know

    June 26, 2002

  • Lee filmed the movie Waitin to Live earlier this year. The movie also stars Barry Corbin and Derek Hamilton (from Out Cold). There are a couple different sites which have information on the movie. You can check out Barry Corbins Official Site or Navajo artist Navawolf was an extra in the movie and her web site features various on-set photo's, along with examples of her art. Go to Navawolf's Site for some pictures and plot line

  • Two of Lee's first movies, Strait-Jacket and Will Penny are now available on DVD so go to your local DVD store and pick up a copy

    May 4th 2002 April 30, 2002

  • Lee is in this weeks People Magazine. There is a story about famed photographer Ron Galella and a book of his pictures that is coming out and included is a picture of Lee and Farrah

    March 30, 2002

  • You can now pre order your copy of Out Cold at DVD Express Looks like there will be some extra goodies on the DVD ! The official release date is May 21, 2002

  • Big Fat Liar will end its very sucessful run with over $47 million in box office in the United States. For all our UK fans, it has a release date of June 14 in England.

    February 24, 2002

  • Big Fat Liar continues its strong showing bringing in another $6.7 million this weekend, for a total of $33 million gross. Not bad for a picture that cost $15 million to make

  • Some more news on the much talked about Six Million Dollar Man Movie:

    Richard Anderson, who played Oscar Goldman on the 1970s TV series The Six Million Dollar Man, told SCI FI Wire that preproduction of Miramax/Universal's movie version of the series is on a fast track. Anderson added that he is under contract to appear as Oscar, and that Lee Majors may reprise his role as Steve Austin. But Anderson said filmmakers are looking for a new star--along the lines of Brad Pitt and Hugh Jackman--to play the lead, adding that it is not yet time to approach actors. "We've got to get the story straight," he said. "Story first, and then we'll go after the director."

    Whatever direction the story takes, Anderson said it is important to keep some of the original actors, as did the James Bond series. "In James Bond, they always brought [Q], the fellow with the inventions, back, and he played the part until he died. So I think the studio felt there was something about bringing in some of the people from the original series."

    Anderson became a producer with some of the Six Million Dollar Man TV movies and was the one to interest Universal in backing a theatrical production.

    February 11, 2002

  • Lee was out in Palm Springs this weekend participating in the 14th Annual Frank Sinatra Celebrity Golf Tournament. His knee prevented him from golfing the complete tournament but he was there signing autographs, taking pictures and cheering on his teammates. Go to pictures so see some photos

  • Big Fat Liar did very well in its opening weekend coming in second place and taking in $11.7 million

    January 10, 2002

  • A&E is planning on doing a Biography Program on Lee in the near future and I have been contacted and asked to contribute some material to the project. This is an emmy award winning series which does an outstanding job in portraying their subjects. As soon as I get more details I will forward them on.

    January 3, 2002

  • Lee is scheduled to appear at the 14th Annual Frank Sinatra Celebrity Golf Tournament. This year the tournament is Feb 8 & 9 at the RENAISSANCE ESMERALDA RESORT & DESERT WILLOW GOLF RESORT in Palm Springs, CA. The tournament is a lot of fun and you are able to take pictures with and get autographs of your favorite celebrities. For a list of who is appearing go to Frank Sinatra

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