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November 8, 2000

  • A little blurb regarding the tv pilot Lee just filmed in Australia

    Tuesday November 7 2:11 AM ET
    Calabro, Majors ``Knox'' on TV doors
    By John Dempsey
    NEW YORK (Variety) - Thomas Calabro (``Melrose Place''), Lee Majors and Australian martial arts actress Kim-Maree Penn star in ``Hard Knox,'' a proposed syndicated TV action drama being pitched to stations for fall 2001.
    In the five-minute sales tape, Niki Knox (Penn) owns a security agency, and Calabro's character is her partner, a former cop. Majors (``The Six Million Dollar Man'') plays her father.
    The show's distributor, New Line Domestic TV, billed it as a cross between ``Moonlighting'' and ``Rush Hour.''
    Reuters/Variety REUTERS

    October 12, 2000

  • Too Much Sun will begin airing on the BBC Friday Oct 20
  • Click here for an article on Too Much Sun
  • Lee is now in Australia filming a tv movie/pilot

    October 1, 2000

  • The SciFi Channel will be airing numerous SMDM episodes on Oct 2 and Oct 24
  • TVLand will be airing an Owen Marshall episode on Oct 13
  • WGN will be airing The Covergirl Murders on October 11
  • Go to Blackstar to find out how you can order copies of a new release of 3 episodes of the rarely seen Men From Shiloh series. Search under Classic TV Westerns

    September 17, 2000

  • Strait-Jacket, Lee's first movie will be aired on The Movie Channel September 30
  • Lee is heading back to England this week to film a tv movie for British Television. He will be playing the President on a golfing vacation in the UK. It is a Naked Gun type of comedy and is called Hotel.

    July 27, 2000

  • Lee will be appearing in an episode of The War Next Door on the USA Channel Sunday August 6

  • The Sci Fi Channel will be airing 6 episodes of the Six Million Dollar Man Monday August 21. The episodes are:

    The Return of the Robot Maker
    The Pioneers
    The Seven Million Dollar Man
    The Bionic Criminal
    The Bionic Boy Parts 1 & 2

    July 2, 2000

    Go to Blackstar to find out how you can order a copy of Lee's newest movie Primary Suspect (formally "The Box" & "The Informant)

    June 24, 2000

  • Pax will be airing the Promised Land epiosde Lee appeared in Sunday June 25

  • The Sci Fi Channel has rescheuled the upcoming SMDM showing for July 17. The episodes scheduled are:


  • Lifetime will be showing an Intimate Protrait of Lees former Big Valley Co-Star Linda Evans on Monday June 26

    May 28, 2000

  • TVLAND is going to air Owen Marshall Saturday & Sundays at 3:00 PM Eastern Time during the Month of June

    May 22, 2000

  • The Game Show Channel will be showing Lee's appearance on the Dating Game from the 1960's May 27th 11:30 pm EDT

  • The Sci Fi Channel will be airing 6 episodes of SMDM on June 12th starting at 10 am EDT

    Arpil 19, 2000
  • Happy Birthday Lee!!

  • May 15th will see two tapes released exclusively through the Virgin chain, as part of a Sci-Fi channel/Universal promotion. Episodes will be - SMDM: "Golden Pharaoh" and "Burning Bright", BW: "Kill Oscar" Pts. 1, 2, & 3. Unfortunately, there will only be 2 episodes on the SMDM tape due to delays in clearance of music rights on the proposed 3rd episode. The next general release throughout all stores will be on July 3rd, with the following titles - SMDM: "Solid Gold Kidnapping" Pts. 1 & 2 (although orginally a movie, this was subsequently aired as a two-part story) and "Survival of the Fittest", BW - "Return of the Bionic Woman" Pts. 1 & 2, along with an as-yet un-confirmed 3rd title.

  • It's been reported that the long awaited "Bionic Movie" is alive again, but this time as a comedy penned by the Farley Brothers.

  • You can purchase a copy of 3 episodes of the very rarely seen Lee series "The Men from Shiloh". Go to BlackStar for more information.

    March 4, 2000
  • cubster read recently that Lee will be starring in a new seriews this fall called "Hollywood Stunts" with stuntman Spanky Sprangler. That is all we know about the show at this time.

    February 7, 2000

  • It was announced recently on Entertainment Tonight that Lee proposed to Faith at the Super Bowl and she accepted. Congratulations Lee and Faith!

    December 30, 1999

  • Hope you all are enjoying the holidays! The update this time mainly consists of TONS of photos. Be sure to check them out, but also be sure to check out a slideshow I (Jeff) made. To view it, click here. That will take you to a page that will inform you of what you need to view it. Consider it a holiday treat!

    November 27, 1999

  • Lee has been mighty busy in the UK as of late. For information on what he's doing there, be sure to check out CYBORG. John was lucky enough to see a taping of Lee's new show, "Too Much Sun," and has his story about it on his site.

    November 7, 1999

  • It certainly has been a while coming, but we have an update for you today. Check out the Photos page for twenty-seven new photos. Along with the photos, I did a bit of re-organizing to that section.
  • Since the last update, lots of new information has become availble regarding Lee's new British Sitcom. John at CYBORG has done a great job compiling info so check out his page on Lee's show, Too Much Sun.
  • That's all for today's update. Be sure to subscribe to the mailing list if you haven't already. List members will get the latest news first. Until next time.

    September 19, 1999

  • It looks as if the Captiva Island show mentioned in the Parade article isn't going to happen. For more info, check out the author's website.
  • Good news, however, from the same article. John from CYBORG has reported that Lee is scheduled to start filming a British sitcom. Check out his page for more info.

    August 22, 1999

  • Lee was mentioned in today's Parade magazine. cubster scanned the mention and you can view it here.
  • Don't forget that tomorrow is our one year anniversary!
  • As some of you might have previously heard, at one time a Big Valley reunion movie was being talked about. At the moment, Fox seems to be at a stand-still. To let Fox know the movie should be made, Big Valley fans across the Internet have started a campaign. To help out, send a letter to Fox at the address below. If you'd like to help, but don't know exactly what to say, there is a form letter below the address.

    20th Century Fox
    C/O Business Affairs Office
    10201 Pico Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90035

    To whom it may concern:

         This letter is to let you know that there is a great deal of sentiment out here in viewing-land that a Big Valley reunion tv-movie would be a very good thing. There is a considerable base of Big Valley fans over a wide age-span, both people who watched it in its original broadcast and those who have become fans during syndication over the years. I would like to stress that these fans would not be satisfied with a re-cast of the Barkley characters but would like to have the original actors playing the original Barkley roles. Adding young faces for the next Barkley generation is perfectly understandable and indeed desirable, but those people should be additional to and not replacing the original Big Valley actors in their original roles.

         Thank you very much for your attention.

    Your Name

    August 17, 1999

  • Well, I'm sure as you're all aware of by now, we decided to give the site a "facelift". Why? Well, this coming Monday, August 23, is the one year anniversary of the site. To celebrate, we decided to do something special for all of our visitors. Be sure to let us know what you think!

    June 19, 1999

  • This Sunday, June 20, E! TV will be running a show on Farrah. Check your local listings for time and channel.

    April 23, 1999

  • Today, Friday, April 23rd, is Lee's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LEE!
  • Spent a lot of time adding a greeting card section so please check it out!
  • Today, FortuneCity, featured us on their main page as a "Site of the Day"! To see a picture of their write up, click here. Thanks!
  • Lee did another new movie. This one is called "Chapter Zero". It was screened last Wednesday in Hollywood. At this time a release date is unknown. To visit the official website, click here. There is a picture of Lee in the photo secion. It is number five.
  • According to Peter Breck, filming of the "Big Valley" movie should begin this summer, hopefully airing this fall. What network it will be on is not sure at this, but Fox is financing it, so that is a possibilty.

    March 1, 1999

  • Lee will appear on this weekend's episode of "Special Ops Force". This is a syndicated show so check your local listings for time and channel.
  • Jeff is on hiatus for a couple of weeks. If you must e-mail him, be aware that it might take quite a while for him to get back with you. Also keep in mind that the page won't be updated unless anything major happens. Sorry for the hassle.

    February 3, 1999

  • This Saturday, February 6, one of Lee's Colorado Lottery commercials will be on "World's Greatest Commercials Never Seen" on ABC at 10:00 pm eastern/9:00 central time. Be sure to tune in.
  • Lee has also filmed an episode of "Special Ops Force". It is episode #214 and will be on in a few weeks. We'll keep you posted.

    December 6, 1998

  • cubster has informed me that Lee will appear on "Walker, Texas Ranger" next Saturday, December 12. It looks like Lee will be playing a "bad cop". Be sure to watch!

    November 29, 1998

  • Many have asked what Lee is up to. Well, it looks like there will be a "Big Valley" reunion with Peter Breck and Linda Evans and it will take place on TNN. We'll try and keep you updated on the situation.
  • cubster happened to find a neat little piece on Lee at the Fox News website. It also includes a nice little RealVideo interview with Lee. Check it out here.

    October 3,1998

  • "The Director's Cut" over at the Corona sitereported on the canned script for the the new bionic movie. Read about it here.

    September 24, 1998

  • I attended a Peter Breck chat tonight and thought this was post-worthy:
    Ees: Are there any bad feeling between you and Lee Majors and Linda Evans?
    peterbreck: There is no bad feelings, no time for that
    peterbreck: we never had any problems ... NEVER
    peterbreck: don't trust what you read
  • Lee is featured in a new ad campaign for the Colorado Lottery.For a press release, click here and then look for a box that says"News Releases". Scroll through the options until you find "The Six Million Dollar Man Visits Lotto Millionaires" and select that.

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