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Lee out promoting the DVD release of Out Cold

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Press Releases:

Touchstone Pictures'/Spyglass Entertainment's 'Out Cold' Catches Air November 21st With A Nationwide Release

BURBANK, Calif., Oct. 18 /PRNewswire

Snowboarding season officially begins November 21st when Touchstone Pictures'/Spyglass Entertainment's ``Out Cold'' plows into theaters nationwide. The film is a hilarious action-comedy set in the backcountry of Bull Mountain, Alaska, and features some of the most exciting snowboarding action ever captured on film. In the movie, snowboarding buddies Rick (Jason London), Luke (Zach Galifianakis), Anthony (Flex Alexander) and Pigpen (Derek Hamilton) are living large on Alaska's Bull Mountain. Partying hard, looking for girls, and doing just about anything to have a good time is what life on Bull Mountain is all about. But when town founder Papa Muntz dies, his son Ted (Willie Garson) decides to sell the mountain to slick Colorado ski mogul John Majors (Lee Majors). Everyone is bummed by his plans to turn the boarding mountain into an espresso-and-tofu ski resort, and it's up to our heroes -- along with Majors' beautiful, rebellious daughters, Inga and Anna -- to keep Bull Mountain yuppie-free.

Featuring stunts by real-life snowboarding champions including Todd Richards, Rio Tahara, Tara Dakides, and Rob ``Sluggo'' Boyce, ``Out Cold'' provides all the thrills and chills of one of the country's most popular winter sports.

``Out Cold'' was directed by acclaimed music video directors Brendan & Emmett Malloy from a screenplay by Jon Zack and produced by Lee R. Mayes, Michael Aguilar, and Jonathan Glickman. Executive producers are Lauren Shuler Donner, Gary Barber, and Roger Birnbaum. The film opens nationwide on November 21st.

For further information please contact Heidi Trotta, Senior Vice President, Publicity, Buena Vista Pictures Marketing, 818-560-7280

Foos to Hit the Studio

The Foo Fighters have re-worked a B-side for inclusion on the soundtrack to Out Cold, the forthcoming big-screen debut from sizzling-hot video makers Emmett and Brendan Malloy. The song, "Win or Lose," was originally released as "Make a Bet" on the single for "Learn to Fly" from 1999's There Is Nothing Left to Lose. The Foos' tune won't be the soundtrack's first single, however; that distinction belongs to Lit's "Lipstick and Bruises," the video for which, not-so-coincidentally, was also helmed by the Malloy Brothers. The Foos have also previously called upon the Malloys' vid-crafting expertise, for "Breakout."

Among the other artists slated for the Out Cold soundtrack (due November 20th) are Eve 6, with a new song, "Anytime"; Jimmy Eat World, "Hear You Me"; Sum 41, "Makes No Difference," from their 2000 debut EP, Half Hour of Power; and Handsome Devil, "Makin' Money". Out Cold -- not be confused with Ice-T's recent straight-to-video joint, Out Kold -- tells of three young snowboarders (Jason London, Zack Galifiakis and Flex Alexander) and their struggle to save their beloved mountain from an avaricious developer, played by screen veteran Lee Majors. The film hits theaters November 21st.

Monday October 29, 3:50 pm Eastern Time
Press Release
'Out Cold' Soundtrack a Hot Mix of Tracks by New And Established Acts, Including Lit, Foo Fighters, Eve 6, Sum 41, Jimmy Eat World, Handsome Devil And More

NEW YORK, Oct. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Get ready to be stoked, as RCA Records readies an album of music from the upcoming Touchstone Pictures snowboard-themed screen comedy ``Out Cold.'' Featuring a cross-section of promising new and established acts -- including Lit, Eve 6, Planet Asia, Foo Fighters, Jimmy Eat World, and Sum 41 -- the soundtrack captures all of the film's frenzied mountaintop fun. The album's debut single, ``Lipstick & Bruises'' by RCA band Lit, has already arrived at radio and at MTV's popular ``TRL.'' The OUT COLD soundtrack album arrives in stores November 20, with the film premiering nationwide the following day.
Artists and songs featured on the OUT COLD soundtrack are: Lit with ``Lipstick & Bruises;'' Eve 6 with a new song, ``Anytime; ''Planet Asia performing ``Everybody;'' Jimmy Eat World singing ``Hear You Me;'' Sum 41 with ``Makes No Difference;'' Handsome Devil's ``Makin' Money;'' ``These Things'' by Looper; ``For Anyone'' from The Color Red;`` the James Gang classic ''Funk No. 49;`` Jack Johnson with ''Posters;`` ''Win or Lose,`` a previously unreleased track by Foo Fighters; Andrew WK performing ''She Is Beautiful;`` and Doyle Bramhall with ''Green Light Girl.``

Directed by the Malloy Brothers and featuring spectacular snowboarding footage, OUT COLD tells the story of three small-town buddies (played by Jason London, Zack Galifiakis, and Flex Alexander) who live to snowboard on Bull Mountain. When the son of the town's late founder decides to sell Bull Mountain to a slick Colorado ski mogul (Lee Majors) with plans to yuppify the backwater resort, things seem bleak as winter to the trio of friends... that is, until the mogul's beautiful Swiss step-daughter Inga (Victoria Silvstedt) and her half-sister Anna (Caroline Dhavernas) show up. Things go ``downhill'' from there on Bull Mountain


Here are some reviws for Out Cold. The critics don't seem to like it :-)

'Out Cold' Is Snowboarders' Delight

By CHRISTY LEMIRE, AP Entertainment Writer

How cool would it be to work at Bull Mountain? 'Cause really, you don't work. As the guys in ``Out Cold'' prove, you snowboard all day, then drink beer, then snowboard some more.

Sometimes you snowboard WHILE you drink beer, in a game called ``King of the Mountain.'' See, you have to board down the entire mountain with a full mug in your hand, and whoever has the most beer left at the bottom is the king. Dude! It should be an Olympic sport!

But one day, the high-altitude hijinks come to an abrupt halt for Rick (Jason London) and his slacker buddies, Luke (Zach Galifianakis), Anthony (Flex Alexander) and Pig Pen (Derek Hamilton).

Entrepreneur John Majors (Lee Majors) - a stereotypical, cigar-chomping good ole boy who wears a cowboy hat - buys the Alaskan resort and turns it into a yuppie haven, complete with sushi and espresso.

This all makes the movie sound far more complicated than it is, however.

It's basically a low-rent remake of the 1984 low-rent teen-age sex comedy ``Hot Dog ... The Movie,'' instead it has snowboarders instead of skiers. 'Cause, like, nobody skis anymore, duh!

Brendan and Emmett Malloy - first-time directors credited as ``The Malloys,'' as if we're supposed to know who they are - have basically created a feature-length version of those videos that are on a constant loop at surf and ski shops. The snowboarding IS impressive, though, featuring stunts from some of the world's top pro boarders.

It's easy to make fun of this movie for being mindless, sophomoric, predictable, you name it - especially with Majors, the Six Million Dollar Has-Been, as its big-name star. And it is all those things. But the characters are pretty likable, and the cinematography of snowboarders carving perfect S-turns through pristine snow is gorgeous.

And ``Out Cold'' wouldn't be complete without a Playmate of the Year - the blond, buxom Victoria Silvstedt (1997) replacing the blond, buxom Shannon Tweed (1982), who appeared in ``Hot Dog'' before going on to make ``Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death'' and ``Cold Sweat.''

But we digress.

Silvstedt, an Anna Nicole Smith (news - web sites) look-alike, plays Inga, John Majors' Swedish stepdaughter, who likes to ride mechanical bulls and go hot-tubbing in the snow, naturally.

Majors' other daughter, Anna (Caroline Dhavernas), happens to be a girl Rick met and immediately fell in love with in Cancun. So when she shows up with her dad at the Bull Mountain pub where Rick and his buddies hang out, he gets to quip in a shameless ``Casablanca'' reference, ``Of all the bars in all the ski towns in Alaska, why did she have to walk into this one?''

But Anna is engaged to be married, and everyone knows that Jenny (A.J. Cook), a cute, laid-back snowboarder chick, is a much better match for Rick anyway.

So will Rick and his friends take back the mountain in the name of all that is pure and right in this world? Will Rick and Jenny end up together?

Dude, you know the answers to those questions.

``Out Cold,'' a Touchstone Pictures release, is rated PG-13 for language, crude and sexual humor and substance abuse. Running time: 89 minutes.

Wednesday November 21 08:11 AM EST

`Out Cold' never gets past the beginner slope

By Robert K. Elder

Any movie that adapts "Casablanca" into a ski bum comedy can't be all bad.

And for the most part, "Out Cold" isn't. This sophomoric little gimmick picture--although at times no more than a showcase for daredevil snowboarding--provides enough powder power to keep the audience laughing, even over the rocky parts.

"Out Cold" sticks to "Casablanca" as much as "Strange Brew" remains faithful to "Hamlet." But the structure stays intact, and the entire homage almost sneaks by until the closing credits.

Using the "Casablanca" template, John Majors (a swaggering Lee Majors) and his corporate interests are the Germans--invading the small ski town peace of Bull Mountain. The resistance: a rabble of rowdy snowboard enthusiasts led by Rick Rambis (that's Jason London in the Humphrey Bogart role). Lovesick Rick pines for French fling Anna (Caroline Dhavernas), who disappeared after their spring break romance. Surprise, surprise--Anna shows up on the mountain, along with daddy Majors, and a fiance following shortly.

Full story at Chicago Tribune

Don't catch ``Cold'' Out Cold (Sports comedy, color, PG-13, 1:29)

By Dennis Harvey

SAN FRANCISCO (Variety) - The aptly named ``Out Cold'' is a 90-minute experience that even the least discriminating viewers will immediately forget they had.

Boasting material so thin that the de rigeur blooper clips come before the final credits, this off-season slice of semi-defrosted ``American Pie'' has a few minutes of good snowboarding footage -- all in the first reel, alas -- after which it's strictly downhill, bunny-slope style. Innocuous item should pull in stray coin for a weekend or two, but nobody'll be opening this present by Christmas.

After a weak mock tourist-promo introduction to fictive Bull Mountain, Alaska (pic was actually shot in British Columbia) -- which mostly serves to note that its late founder liked to ski drunk and bare-ass nekkid -- things look up briefly as protag Rick (Jason London) thrillingly zips down the 8,000 foot mountain on his board. Soon after, there's another decent seg in which the well-soused local resort staffers do likewise at night with beer mugs in hand, competing for the annual King of the Mountain title.

Rick wins again, and as reward gets a friendly overture from cute, sweet Jenny (A.J. Cook) -- but he's pining for a girl loved and lost at Cancun in the summer.

Then the plot, such as it is, kicks in, and ``Out Cold'' pretty well forgets that extreme winter sports is its main drawing card. The resort's weaselly heir, Ted Muntz (Willie Garson), decides he'll sell the operation to a rhinestone cowboy named John Majors (Lee Majors), who spies manager material in Rick.

Unfortunately, the interloper sees little value in Rick's pals -- boozer Luke (Zach Galifianakis), his horndoggie bro Pig Pen (Derek Hamilton), token black guy Anthony (Flex Alexander) and bartender Lance (David Denman).

All are soon sacked. Worse yet, Bull Mountain is renamed Snownook, the saloon gets a dress-code makeover, and sashimi and espresso stands pop up on the slopes. The horror, the horror.

Meanwhile, Rick's attention is waylaid by the unexpected appearance of his Cancun amore, Anna (Caroline Dhavernas), who happens to be one of Majors' stepdaughters. The other is gelatinously enhanced Inga, played by former Miss Sweden, '97 Playmate of the Year and onetime Swedish national ski teamer Victoria Silvstedt.

Pace is just brisk enough to allow the almost entirely lame gag lines and indifferently staged slapstick to land with a soft, powdery thud.

Performances range from bland to bad. (Pic is dedicated to the late Lewis Arquette, whose appearance as the late mountain patriarch is eye-blink brief). Feature-debuting helmers Brendan and Emmett Malloy are backgrounded in music videos and surf documentaries. Their slope footage -- deploying real-life snowboarding champs as stunt personnel -- is choice, but there should have been much more.

Elsewhere, less attention is paid. Would-be set pieces often lack setup or follow through, staging is perfunctory, and even the ``Porky's''-esque tastelessness lacks any real verve. Michael Andrews' conventional orchestral score is routinely abetted by a soundtrack CD's worth of pop tracks.

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