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Jake Vs. Six Million Dollar Man

by Ethan Alter

Two generations of scientifically engineered superheroes collide tonight when Lee Majors guest stars on the UPN action series Jake 2.0 (9 pm/ET). The former Six Million Dollar Man plays secret agent Dick Fox, who is lured out of retirement to help Jake (Christopher Gorham) track down a dangerous KGB operative. So why can't Jake who possesses super-speed, super-strength and a handy telepathic connection to electronic devices accomplish this mission alone? Apparently Fox has a history with the enemy agent, which makes him the man for the job. But according to Majors, there might be a deeper reason for his involvement. "The episode leaves you wondering if Fox also had special powers once," he says. "And it leaves the door open for me to return." Right, but here's the real question: Could Jake take Steve Austin in a fight? Here's how the two stack up against each other, in the words of the actors who play them.


Gorham: "Steve's bionic he can go through a cement wall. Jake might have the strength to go through a cement wall, but it would break his bones."
Majors: "I think, in an arm wrestle, Jake would win. But Steve would probably wink and say: 'I let him.'"
Advantage: Steve


Gorham: "Jake is younger and has more agility in how he could move."
Majors: "Youth comes into play here. I have to go in and be rebuilt and have my oil changed."
Advantage: Jake


Gorham: "Steve is more experienced. Jake is still learning, but he's catching on quick."
Majors: "Jake's just an up-and-comer."
Advantage: Steve


Gorham: "Steve can run 60 miles an hour, but I've seen Jake chase down a car. He can keep up."
Majors: "I can think faster, but he can outrun me."
Advantage: Tie

Special Power

Gorham: "Neither one of them are martial artists, but I think they're both good instinctual fighters."
Majors: "I know I [had sex] more than he did."
Advantage: Steve

And the Winner Is...

Surprise, surprise: Each humble hero picks the other as the ultimate victor. "I want to stick up for my boy, but I think Steve would win," says Gorham. "Even if Jake was winning, he would let Steve win because he would look up to him so much." Majors disagrees. "I would have to give Jake the edge. $6 million doesn't go as far as it used to."

Lee Graphic