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Articles courstey of Nancy

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Marrying Lee was my biggest mistake from TV Radio Mirror December 1965

Will his new love make him forget

When a girl loves a man

Lee loses his son and girl TV Picture Life June 1966

Natural Talent TV Star Annual 1967

Hometown Story Lee tried to kill Page 1
Hometown Story Lee tried to kill Page 2

The Crisis Every Woman Faces from From November 1967 Movie Mirror

Lee Plays the Dating Game from Photo Screen March 1967

Article from Bow and Arrow Magazine, August 1973
Cover Page
Page One
Page Two
Page Three
Page Four

How Lee Majors found out he was adopted TV Picture Life

Lee Majors Life Story Screen and TV Album March 1976
Page 1
Page 2

Raven People Magazine 7/13/92

My Faith safed me New Idea Magainze March 1997

What ever happened to... Entertainment Weekly Jan 24, 1997

Where are they Now from From March 1999 Film Threat Weekly

Dream Watch Maganzine from December 1999

Colorado Lottery Commercials from January 10, 1999 Denver Post

Ex Pats on the Telly from June 18, 2000 L.A. Times

Homeless article from July 12, 2000 Sun Sentinel

Rebuilding the Bionic Man from the September 3, 2001 National Post

Action Hero Slows Down from the October 10, 2001 Journal Gazette

Entertainment Tongiht Interview from November 30, 2001

Articles donated by Kim

Lee takes a working holiday

My Six Million Dollar Husband

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